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Wordpress plugin for maxiGos

Plugin version: v2.01, with maxiGos v7.01.


This plugin called "maxiGos sgf player content plugin" displays game of go sgf file content using maxiGos sgf player in a wordpress page.

Usage (code to add in your articles):
Insert in a wordpress page a string like [gos]xxx.sgf[/gos], [gos cfg="yyy"]xxx.sgf[/gos], [gos]ccc[/gos] or [gos cfg="yyy"]ccc[/gos] where:

The name of a maxiGos viewer script is "maxigos-" + theme + "-" + configuration + ".js". To check if a configuration of maxiGos can be used for a given theme, just verify that the corresponding script is present in wordpress.

If the value of the "maxiGos theme" parameter is the default one ("neo-classic" for the current version of the plugin), possible configuration values are: basic, comment, diagram, game, problem, tree. Otherwise, it can be the name of any configuration available for the theme specified by the "maxigos config folder" parameter.

To use [gos]ccc[/gos] ou [gos cfg="yyy"]ccc[/gos] where ccc is a text that represents a sgf record, you must set "maxigos_sgf_as_is" to 1 (see option section below), the page must be in UTF-8 and ccc must be a sgf record in UTF-8.


The procedure below was tested using wordpress 5.5.1.

Now, in theory, you are ready to use the plugin.


Some options can be set (to change them, open wordpress admin page of your web site, click on "Settings" in the left menu, then on "MaxiGos", then modify what you want). Option list is: